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Alternative and cheaper rebuilding.

Around ten of thousand autonomous houses. Refuge-orphanage of 100 m² for an investment of 4500 euros bringing back from their self-organization 1000 euros per month, with ogive shaped buoys of survival on the terraces of these houses.




Address to the surviving populations, to the 5 millions moved people, without shelter, in Southeast Asia, refugee camps.









































Since the tsunami of December and the earthquake we follow your ecological social condition, economic and policy which is appalling.

After this plague of the vague mortals, we know that you havedifficulties in set out again since the Chinese capitalists seized your market of fish, that your boats cost three times now moreexpensive, that the military junta indonésienne in profited to passby the weapons her opponents (120 killed) and that they divert the international assistance as testimonys of Europeans attest it.

An example of what a chairman of multinational thinks  (29/12/2004) Foddy Wong, analyst as a chief for Asia at ABM Amro: "It is obvious that with so important losses in human lives one will need much time to clean the remains, to bury deaths and to find disappeared. But it is not a so great event in economic term... "

Their cynicism does not have limit in spite of  300 000  deads ones.

The local recycling of the remains to realize new habitats will make it possible to occur from these predatory.

The last counterpart of March, which caused an earthquake

increasing the assessment, radically poses the problem of a rebuilding of prevention, of alarm.

You know the vicissitudes of the situation better than us, we will not bring a financial solidarity to you which is likely of more than won’t get there safe and sound or of the promises of gifts.

Let us recall that 730 million euros had been promised for the rebuilding of Bann in Iran and only 17 million euros arrived (cf leading article the world December 30, 2004).

Already people left our village in France communicate to you  this independence information on the spot this document of socialization proposes free a permit building to you that we name licence to live with a technical methodology so that this space auto-builds brings to you a auto-guarantee of the vital needs:  practical value of 1000 euros per month (to find anywhere to live, eat, treate by oneself, to have drinking water, to educate by oneself, don’t pollute, protect oneself from the seisms and tsunamis, to love,  and be transported free.)


This document is communicated to all humane associations. Before returning in this technical part and the methodology of prevention,

Here a scientific assumption on the causes of the tsunamis and the acceleration of the earthquakes which can affect others limit tectonic plates.

The sea level, the oceans level increases approximately by 2,8 mm per year with an acceleration these 10 last hottest years. This represents approximately an increase of 25 cm, that is to say 2500 tons of water per hectare since the industrial revolution and the massive use of fossil energies. The climatic reheating of 0,6 degrees would have consequences on the pressure exerted on the ocean floor,

where km² would have been inserted in the pasty magma.

Considering the curve in cap of the tectonic plates, there would be pressures on the repercussions of the vaults. Those would have yielded. They would have then passed below, would have raised and pushed back some islands. The power of this titanic shock made the equivalent of 20 000 atomic bombs of Hiroshima.

A piece of Earth's crust tilted on a plan of 13 degrees and located at the interface of the two plates, 100 km wide and 400 km length of at least, would have moved from 15 to 20 m, when the continental drift east of 6 cm an average  of 6 cm a year. There are so other dynamic phenomena concerned.

Moreover, the massive extraction of fossil energy (gas, coal, oil, 76,4% of world energy, and especially currently in China with its capitalist growth of l0% a year) would have reduced the Earth's crust in its continental part. There would  be a phenomenon of shearing which would be added in more to the continental drift. Because this tear of the Earth's crust would have been done on hundreds of km with many

volcanos (cf maps) and of underwater collapse.

Supposing we will find its confirmation by a recrudescence of the seisms (on ground or at sea) along the limits of plates, from which these suggestions which can be used beyond the 8 countries in misfortune.





Avoiding the worst to come.

Claiming sysmographes-alarm with sirens in each refuge / house (what could be connected to mobile by a ringing alarm clock). Along the tectonic plates, even in the Mediterranean or Indian Ocean etc...

The center of Hawaii was in an absolute disgrace diffusing with 1h14 its bulletin, mentioning a seism magnitude 8 instead of 9 and specifying that there was not "threat of destructor tsunamis"!

Idem for the center of Colorado with the U.S.A informing

the center of Strasbourg in France.

Here is what  said J.Talandier proposing the Tremors device: "the urgency is to install a network of seismic station, not very expensive  (a powerful seismograph and a

calculator PC likely to diffuse an alarm) widely tested and rapid to be set up.

Measurements of the seisms a new approach




2) On each house autonomous refuge. 

Possibility of putting on the terraces of the roofs, in the zones where it is difficult to take refuge in height or outside.


Here presentation of the ogive shaped buoys of survival minimum for 4 people.




Each refuge would have 4 warheads, those would be connected to the flagstone of foundation by 4 cords to avoid deriving against obstacles.  These buoys (tire tube of truck 1,7 m diameter with 1 passage O, 70 m in diameter in the center.  It is protected from the sun and objects crossing by a fabric (bidim anti-punching and ringed by a curved tube 5 cm in diameter where above 4 pointed arches of 1,7m top (structure of protection) are welded. 

In order to avoid with people being decapitated by sheets and the cutting objects carted by the vague giants, the buoy must go up as quickly as possible in height.  The sheets of the roofs must be completely proscribed in these zones.  Two arcs of this structure of protection make it possible to fix a solar distillor for drinking water (4L/jour) which can be cast solid.  Here built we it while screwing on a segment in the form of parabola of the sections of gutter equipped with a black plastic serving as small tank; over, a translucent plastic to collect the condensation which drains in bottom of an embarked pan.








To put it full South. This equipment is planned for two children and two adults.  Each person has a personal buoy with straps (tire tube of car) being able to be fixed on the mast of the warhead.  Above, a torch, a lighter, a knife, a container, fixed at the mast by a nut and a threaded rod.  Below the arcs, a structure in cross on which a small floor of 1m of diameter is fixed to avoid being expelled by in bottom.  The mast has the dismountable central part by two bolts which makes it possible to pass the buoy.  The connection between the arcs and the tubes of the floor is triangulated, because it is there that the cords of fixing of the buoys are fixed for not that those derive but to remain hung to the foundation being used as anchor. 

(cf photograph). 

When the tsunami stops and that the warhead is posed it perhaps open.

Two arms are articulated and welded forming a basin, by opening the fabric of dimensioned, one can build another basin, the other side which can be formatted of tent to shelter sun of the children.  In these two basins, one can cultivate spiruline whose stock was contained in a cubitainer of 5 liters.  This red and black warhead is visible easily to await the help.







Production In the current situation urgently, car-to produce and consume 10g spiruline per day by adult and 4GL by child to live without deficiencies because this microalga contains in % in weight:  65 % from proteins, 15 % of glucides, 7 % of minerals, 6 % of lipids, 2 % of fibres and 5% of water, vitamins Beta-carotene E, Bl, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9, B12 etc it are autonomous and produce 50 tons of proteins per hectare and per annum, (a cow produces 160 kg of them).  To get information and how to produce it oneself  To make a basin of 3 m², depth 20cm of liquid is 600 liters;  to wash 20 kg of white ashes by means of 300 liters of water, to let carbonate during 2 weeks while stirring up from time to time then to add 300 liters of water


Adding 3 kg of salt Bio (recommended for its trace element content), 2,4 liters of urine, 80 G of iron syrup (to very slowly stir up with a brush syrup made with nails rusted in water).  For the transport of the stocks, in a bottle in figure closed of 1,5 liter, there are 30 varieties but Paracas which comes from Peru requires less mixing (4 times per day) with a brush:  0,5 liter of detergent of ash, 0,5 liter of water, salt bio 5g, 4 ml of urine (4g), 0,13 G (approximately 3 drops) of iron syrup.



Mesurer the density with the disc of Secchi;  if it is not visible with less than 3 cm, to collect the morning, to skim surface, to empty it on a fabric of serigraphy to 60 microns (Sefor filters Tel.. or one bottom;  usable fresh during 6 H. 


To take a black cover of figure, to put a fabric mosquito net above, to extend the spiruline with a hard plastic spatula, to remove the fabric mosquito net.  One obtains small squares of spiruline on the black plastic.

To fold up the plastic and to extend it in full sun on a wire clothes line with clothespins, 2 hours after it are dry.  You gently shake the plastic, it is in the folding.  You can thus preserve it 2 years and add it with oil to make sauces for the semolina, rice... not to make it heat.  1 kg of spiruline represents 100 days of food.  More infos on

                   Collect                                  Disc of  Secchi

Contribution to a licence of living in safety. 

Description and estimated. 

The antiseismic autonomous house which gives you and brings back to you 1000 euros per month thanks to its car organization ecological, social and artistic redeemable in one year.





The planet is badly, the species which live it have more and more difficulties in live.  In front of this situation, which actions can undertake each one for the Earth ?


Here a technique of an autonomous water, electricity, heating, improving a house, made in bio and recycled materials and recycled.  A house adapted to the earthquakes and the tsunamis.  This house is imagined for 10 orphans and orphan and 2 adults in priority. 

We chose to propose to you for these houses a square form (l0mxl0m) to secure a better stability, without floor to avoid the falling, crushing thus the inhabitants.

Moreover, in the principle of this antiseismic house, it is necessary that the walls are not distant of more than 4 metres. The small joists (4crnxl6crnx3,6m) will be install each 60cm in the width of the 3,3m. These small joists will have a small retaining at the ends, to be used as crosspieces on the belt above the walls.  They will be connected by threaded rods to the vertical frames to allow a flexibility and to prevent that the falling down walls. 

The roofs of these houses are in 2 parts, one in tiles (1/3) and the other in plant terrace (2/3). 


Distribution of interior space:

 - a polyvalent dining room which can also be used as classroom or room of artistic expression. 

Not large anonymous orphanages (because ourselves knew these places and did not forget) but a relational space with human measure allowing the emotional transfers and the psychic rebuilding for the people affected by these catastrophes.

-  a kitchen

-  4 bedrooms,

- an ecologic lavatory and a bathroom connected to a phyto- purification.

All these rooms giving on a central patio, interior garden, with an access on the terrace where are 4  survival warheads. 

Under the patio, water storage tanks with a drinking water system:  a filter of sand (1m³), a filter of charcoal (1m³) and a filter with a clay bed.


Objectifs 1 and 2


Faced with the climatic, ecological and economic threat which affects all the countries and because of its consequences, we propose to you the realization of a house with a wood frame, simple, easy with bio local materials:  wheat straw, rice straw, lavender straw, sunflower straw, fern straw etc...

Here free planning scheme of this bio house for a building permit, in order to begin the large building site of 21th century: the restoration rebuilding of the whole world.

For the survival of planet we must go towards an unurbanization with shared space because the cities are became a place of pollution and conflict. The matter at issue is  about bio architecture principle with the constraint of the antiseismic for survival.





In others zones that can be modulated and improved in the form.  This building and its ecological insulation, which involve the carbonation of lime and the fixing of carbon in the organic matter, answer to the emissions of the manufacturing sector which is the 3rd transmitter, on average, of greenhouse effect gas.  Each one of these houses being able to store 37 tons of C02, instead of producing 44 tons with breeze blocks house (same exterior appearance).  If we decide to make these bio houses (100 m²) instead of the current houses we will go towards a reduction of the greenhouse effect.

We need to build all over the world 173 millions of bio houses,  per annum, to stop 3,8 billions tons of  surplus carbon which accelerate the climatic swing (1 ton of carbon equal 3,7 tons of C02)

It is necessary to know that one hectare of meadow stops 240 tons of carbon, 1 hectare of forest 160 tons, 1 hectare of cultivated fields 80 tons. 

Moreover, the 2/3 of vegetal plant roofs develop a profit in the insulation, air-conditioning (10%) and the recovery of the water of the roofs. We can even put medicinal and decorative plants  on our roof.


Around this bio house, small oblique greenhouses of 2x3m (except in front of  doors and windows) in which will be placed:  a kitchen garden with flowers, a filtering drinking water, a home spiruline culture (5m²), a drier and a solar cooker. 

This thermal plug allows during the winter to increase to 10°C the heat of the house, thus without heating it is possible to have 16°C inside when the outside temperature goes down to 0°C only with these elements of  bioclimatism.


Objectif 3- Social issues


After events have just happened and faced with the social suffering of the 3/4 of humanity, it is necessary to develop a true social security in the facts. This bio house which can be taken to pieces must guarantee them.

It is the guaranteed of the need vital for all:  to find somewhere to lire oneself, to treat oneself,  eat, don’t pollute, love, and to move free (use bio fuel and bio gas).  The objective is to show solidarity  in the facts with each other and with the planet since we are the conscience of moving nature, no separation.





This bio house building of 100m² cost between 4500 and 12000 euros, without floor, with a grassland roof and a kitchen garden in a greenhouse, in mutual aide and collective assistance, with the maximum of recycling materials of the place. By counting a budget of 1000 euros per month which will not be spent :   rent 450 euros, water 30 euros, electricity and heating 140 euros, food 200 euros, health 30 euros and transport 150 euros with  bio fuel like used  and filtered oil of frying;







All that represents 70% of average salary when there is not in addition banks credits which multiply by three the price of the house and alienate for life the individuals. 


The self ecological and social organization of this bio house assures the vital needs and relieves of all these constraints.


Documents necessary for a free file if you need to draw up a permit building.


1/ situation plan  - using photocopies of IGN maps to the 1/25000th  and drawing a circle where is the house plan


2/ overall plan - using a scale l/200th  with l/500th showing measurements, the limits of the building plot, the establishment of the house and the levels (to double the scale of the photocopy of the cadastral map which is with the 1/l000th), marking the dimensions on the limits and the levels of the building plot.


3/ foundations plans, sight in plans, sight of the 4 frontages scale 1/100th  (here given)


4/ landscape integration (given here)


5/ directions for use – being inspirate by the information attached and don’t give in the common and individual intention of this project. 


A social roof and an ecological earth for all.




1st  phase — earthwork

Leving the ground to obtain a surface of 11m by 11m. Don’t build on embankment. 

Storing the topsoil to put it in roof meadow and in the peripheral flower stand.


2nd  phase— establishment

Planting stakes directed with the 4 perpendicular corners with the south, digging with a gap between 15cm future walls a trench of 20x20cm to receive the brick low wall being used as flower stand. Digging a second distinct for the drains (slope with 3%). Putting gravel around (optional according to ground) for a better coefficient of descent of load.


3rd  phase— the antiseismic

 Recovering approximately 800 old tires, getting bamboo (to also plant some), recovering all plastic packings, plastic bags, transport covers etc… Deluting white lime and splashing these materials and the tires in order to clean them (3 buckets of water, 1 bucket of lime). Fixing at the center of the tires a bamboo of 1m, filling with plastic packing the tire and well  compacting with feet. Covering with a bed of mortar of 3cm between each tire (mortar = a cement amount for 3 of sand + water). Superimposing on identical 3 tires, the bamboo must stand higher (40 cm), Covering the whole of the surface of the house by these regular assemblies except in the center where one will include the cistern (photo).


One needs approximately the domestic waste recycling of 10 houses during 1 year to carry out the foundations of an antiseismic house.  You, like us, you have a very important sum of waste to  recycle.


4th  phase— the flagstone


Assembling around the tires  a wall of bricks or small breeze blocks of 10cm or stones. 

Filling of ground between the wall and the tires in periphery of the flagstone to support them. Putting  plastic covers on the tires, the central bamboo, fixing horizontal bamboos above the central bamboo, 5cm above the plastic covers putting  fix with splices (wire or string) in the 2 directions, which realizes the lower table which receives the weight of the house.


The fixing of the higher table of bamboos to 35cm of the level of the tires will receive the attack of the earthquake. 

Putting a lining of boards in periphery of flagstone, building with stones and mortar a caisson, around the bamboos to create cells where will be stored, hermetically, plastic bottles of 1,5 liters, 5 liters etc. 


In these bottles to introduce a spoonful of charcoal and one of green clay.  Then taking cork which one cuts in three slices and which one pierces to put a straw inserted of 3cm then well close again these bottles.  They will be surrounded by sand and on a bed of sand.  The higher level of all the bottles is obtained with a string line (photo).


The firemen have said to us that after 48 hours without water the people injured under the debris die. 

With this system catched people have water everywhere under their feet because opening the bottles the straws go up of 20cm to the top of the ground (photo). 


One finalizes the beams bamboo being used as caisson, with cement mortar then one cover, with a white lime mortar and sand, the caissons containing the bottles (1 bucket of lime and 4 sand buckets + 1 water bucket) a tiling, fixed at the thin lime mortar, will come over.


One can store 8 000 liters of water in this flagstone which, in the event of catastrophe, will be able to feed 2 000 people during 3 days, because the cistern risks to be contaminated or destroyed. 


5th  phase description of the walls, with several techniques.


A - In this method wood are treated with hydraulic lime +  water, other wood are treated with sunflower oil + boron salt + spirits of turpentine.  We realize horizontally on the ground, panels (1.22mx2,50mx0,20m consisted of 3 amounts of 4cmxl6cmx250crn nailed on a plate of ply wood of 1cm, each 6cm (photo) in which we fille a bio materials covered with white lime (1 lime bucket for 6 buckets of straw for example). 

On the amounts nailing boards with skew nails of 4cm.  Sticking these boards with nails not exceeding three centimetres height.


Making a formwork of 3cm around the panel then run the coating, which is carried out with gray lime, then making scratches on the coating. 

To assemble the panels, using of a small hoist (1 ton) and of a small rope scaffolding.  Starting by the angles of the house, which are armed with iron bars (4  Ø 8), that you run with concrete. 


The bonds between the panels and the posts are ensured by nails of 100mm (carefull :  don’t forget the rabbets made with rafters of 6cmx8cm).







To envisage a play of connection of 1 cm between the panels to connect the panels between them by threaded rods of Ø 8.  In bottom to envisage an angle on which the panels are screwed.  The tiling inside will serve as obstinate with the panels.  When we assemble the panel to put small holds of 16cm between the angle fixed on the ground and the panel. 

In top to make connections with a wood belt with two rafters. 

It takes two hours for two people to carry out 3m², Don’t need compressor to project the mortar.  This technique suggested goes more quickly but it is more elaborate.  The principle of these houses is:  that they are dismountable.  The delicate operation being hoisting, put immediatly jambs on the panels, positioning them with the plumb level.


If you do not have plywood, we nail in opposite direction and in skew the boards, there one will be able carried out a mortar loam filtered lime inside and to make a stucco above but it is longer. 

In top of the panel, we realize a cob of fire line belt (1 lime bucket, 2 sand buckets, 4 buckets of straw + 2 water buckets). 


B – We can use pallets back with their backs to one another than we fill with bio materials that we pose vertically and that we coat with the trowel;  It is cheaper.

C -- or the amounts are rafters connected to each other by a nailed crosspiece measuring  20cm each 40cm. 

D -- or with small vertically branches of Ø 8cm. 

E -- or with posts that we cut on 2 sides to make a wood in planks on which we nail the boards. 


6th  phase - the roof


the roof meadow 2/3 and 1/3 roof tiles with 45°.

The roof meadow is composed of several layers.  Several choices for the ceiling:  slats of wood, rush fence,  plaster or small joists apparent, above a floor made with coffering board etc. 


Above “the bidim”, blankets of sheep wool, above a thick cover (style of the trucks) and above ground 5cm and 5cm of humus.  Around the patio a gutter to recover rainwater.

The roof in tiles around allows to  recover the 50m³ of water per annum. We can fix above solar panels for the electricity and the heating of water. 

We can place in the attics, the hot water tank and make to pass a service shaft. 


7th phase -- the windows

It is preferable to put windows at small squares because the large windows cut out the inhabitants when there is a seism.


8th phase—finishing facing

The finishing facing is realized with lime as light as air and with sand available locally. 


9th phase -- the greenhouse

the greenhouse around the house is a winter thermic zone takes off during the summer.  However inside there are vegetables allowing the food autonomy of this small human group, a solar drier, a culture of spiruline, a herbal purification made with trays of gravel measuring 20cm (1m X 2m) here 21m² composed with bulrush,  watery mint, iris of water or plants that we find near your house which will purify water.

It should be noted that we can irrigate a vegetable garden with the water of the herbal purification and constitute a biological cycle


For us, the climatic swing, the dilation of the oceans are not stranger with this kind of catastrophe.  It is what we tried to show.  But in view of the circumstances and the urgency and the repetition of the seisms our specific proposals can be used as well for antiseismic construction as for  the restoration of the unit of the built framework which is dangerous.  It is necessary to develop the prevention of the major risks. 


We proposed concrete solutions faced with the very difficult social condition. 

But we think that to develop the self guarantee of the vital necessity will allow to keep our dignity of man in order don’t return in the voluntary constraint which is the salary economy of the rich countries which need servants.

 Developing this informal and self control economy we can make move back misery.
































OU BAIL DE 50 ANS OU 99 ANS DE Mr ou Mme




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